Posted by: nancykenny | April 6, 2009

I Know What I Did Last Summer

As previously mentioned, I first started this new version of my blog back in August 2008 after my first foray into professional film. It was an awesome little short film entitled Death Rally. Well, after all this time, as trailer for the movie is finally available and you can watch it right here!

Please note, this is a horror/comedy and is NSFW.

The website has also been updated with cast and crew info, so please go check it out! Once I know when the movie will actually be screened and released, you can be sure I’ll be letting you know all about it right here. Until then, enjoy the trailer above and the show poster below!




  1. Cool! Looks like it would have been a hoot to, um, shoot!

  2. Professional movie, hey? That’s nice to hear.

  3. Ha ha blind guy fall down!

  4. […] to me than on Thursday night when I attended the premiere of Death Rally, a short film I worked on last summer in which I have the […]

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