Posted by: nancykenny | June 17, 2009

Why See No Exit Upstage?

Listen to this glowing recommendation from Brian Carroll, a man who knows his way around a Fringe Festival:

No Exit Upstage

“Nancy Kenny flies under director’s radar for reasons I don’t understand. She won an Ottawa Fringe award for her performance in Tuesdays and Sundays. And she was in the sold out and remounted Evolution Theatre production of This is a Play. And try to tell me that that photo of her in a hair-pulling catfight with Natasha Jetté isn’t hot! I’ll try this one on spec.”

Here’s the picture he’s talking about:

Natasha Jette and Nancy Kenny   Photo by Marcel Leger

Natasha Jette and Nancy Kenny Photo by Marcel Leger

We open tomorrow night and run throughout the entire festival!

No Exit Upstage
Writer/Creator: Nancy Kenny
Director: Ken Godmere

What’s worse than a job interview? Being stuck in the same room as the competition.
Two roommates. One audition.
Hell hath no catfight like an actress scorned.

A new comedy written and performed by Nancy Kenny (Best in Venue/Outstanding Performance Winner, Tuesdays & Sundays, and the sold-out run of Daniel MacIvor’s This Is A Play – Ottawa Fringe)

* Show: No Exit Upstage
* Date: Thursday, June 18th 2009
* Time: 9:30pm
* City: in Ottawa, ON
* Venue: Venue #3- Studio Leonard Beaulne
* Address: 135 Séraphin-Marion
* Country: CA
* Admission: 10.00
* Age restrictions: PG13
* Buy tickets.
* Notes: 2 for 1 opening night



  1. If it weren’t for our Fringe (which is opposite Ottawa this year) I’d be there. Any chance you’ll take it on the road at some point, maybe down London way?

    Loving the blog. Expect many links in the future, as you’re nailing a lot of the topics I’ve been looking to write about: SP, marketing vs. attendance, improv….

    • Thanks Jeff! I will probably be bringing this show to Kitchener in September for UNHINGED, their site specific festival. Working on the details now. I’m disappointed I will be missing a lot of great stuff in London too!

      • Peter, actually, although Jeff did run the site until a year ago. (Not sure why the account name showed up there instead of name/url.) I’m sure he’d be there too were he not onstage. 🙂

        Will keep an eye out for a K-W appearance!

  2. My apologies Peter!

  3. […] definitely the life of the party with some good dance (grass) floor support from the likes of team No Exit Upstage and Publicity Diva (is that better than “publicity monster”?) Jessica of the OAB. […]

  4. […] Nancy Kenny (of No Exit Upstage) has Tips for Producing a Fringe Show, a plug for her own show, and her own list of must-see […]

  5. […] patient work; the creation of a new production company; and, of course, this little show called No Exit Upstage – perhaps you’ve heard of it […]

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