Posted by: nancykenny | June 24, 2009

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

I went to Toronto yesterday morning for an audition which meant that I would be missing all Fringe activities (and giving other people the chance to catch up to my record 19 shows + 3 performances – so technically 22) that night.

“That’s a good thing,” I thought. I needed the break. I realized throughout my marathon viewing schedule that my attention span was waning. Unless an hour-long show was absolutely brilliant, I’d start to lose focus. This did not mean it was a bad show, it just meant I was tired. (Though I give incredibly high-praise to anyone whose shows come in just under the hour mark – Hey! This one does!)

*Side note – I find it interesting that I’m not the only blogger talking about time right now.

Anyway, so I arrive in Toronto at around 1:30pm and grab lunch at this great little sushi place I found on Queen Street W the last time I was in town. By 2:30pm, with 3 hours and 15 minutes to go until my audition, I decided to just find my way over to the venue, the Tarragon Theatre (Look at that, they are doing Scorched again. It’s a good show.) Since I was ready to audition, I figured why not ask if I could be seen right away. You see, there’s a 5:30pm train that could take me back to Ottawa that night. Since my audition was supposed to be at 5:45pm, I never would have made it, but…

The group from Theatre New Brunswick was wonderful. They squeezed me in early and I had an absolutely amazing audition that lasted about 5 minutes in length.

I headed strait to the Yonge Subway line, arrived at Union Station, exchanged my ticket, went to the LCBO, and boarded the train.

I arrived in Ottawa at about 10:30pm. Plenty of time to… head down to the Fringe tent… for karaoke… which I didn’t get to participate in after all due to bylaw restrictions. Hell, if I was ambitious, I might have been able to catch something last night. But no, I needed the break.

I met my billets: two lovely gentlemen from Uncalled For and set them up in my condo.

Today, I get right back into the swing of things. No Exit Upstage is back on again at 6:30pm in the Studio Leonard Beaulne. As I mentioned in my previous post, the reviews have been fantastic. Then I will spend the evening catching up on shows.

See you on the Fringe!



  1. I was hoping to do a little karaoking too and also missed my opportunity. Damn noise bylaws. I was able to bust out my reggae dance moves though so it was still a fun night.

    I’m really glad your audition went well. I’m not surprised though. You’re very talented!

  2. Nancy my dear, you have a serious addiction. Glad you got at least a bit of a breather…

  3. I’m sick. Please hold an intervention.

  4. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
    (I think the second step involves drinking beer with HM…)

  5. Can we just skip strait to Step 2?

  6. A lot of people missed their chance at the mic. We might have to arrange a karaoke outing later this summer!

  7. Puzzles in Westborough has karaoke every Friday. It’s the best in the city. Just putting it out there 🙂

  8. […] Kenny slows from her usual output of one-blog-post-per-minute to go to an audition (with Fringe on her mind), and has a guide for all the Marathon Fringing you’ll be up to this […]

  9. […] company; and, of course, this little show called No Exit Upstage – perhaps you’ve heard of it […]

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