Posted by: nancykenny | August 6, 2009

Joyful Girl

By Ani DiFranco

I do it for the joy it brings
Because I’m a joyful girl.
Because the world owes me nothing
And we owe each other the world.
I do it because it’s the least I can do,
I do it because I learned it from you.
I do it just because I want to,
Just because I want to.

Everything I do is judged
And they mostly get it wrong,
But oh well.
‘Cuz the bathroom mirror has not budged
And the woman who lives there can tell
The truth from the stuff that they say.
She looks me in the eye
And says would you prefer the easy way?
No, well o.k. then
Don’t cry.

And I wonder if everything I do,
I do instead of something I want to do more,
The question fills my head.
I know that there’s no grand plan here,
This is just the way it goes.
And when everything else seems unclear,
I guess at least I know.

I do it for the joy it brings…



  1. Is this where we come to admit to belting this full volume before shows?

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