Posted by: nancykenny | February 3, 2010

Where To Find Da Money

In my grant writing post, I mentioned putting up a list of locations where you can find grants available to performance artists, so here it is.

Please note that while this list may be of use to many of you, it’s focus is more on Ottawa-based performance artists. Also, if I’ve missed anything, please let me know and I will add it immediately.

City of Ottawa
Deadline – End of January
Includes funding opportunities for Individual Artists, Projects & Operations

Council for the Arts in Ottawa
Deadline – December & May
Awards for Emerging & Mid-Career Artists

Community Foundation of Ottawa

Deadline – February & October
Must be a registered charity and the project must have strong community impact

Ontario Arts Council
Deadline – varies
Opportunities for a variety of disciplines and projects, for both individuals and organizations. They also have Skills Development & Touring money. Follow them on Twitter!

Theatre Ontario
Deadline – March & October
Funding for those wanting to train with a mentor in a particular theatrical discipline, not including performance. They also have a great range of courses and other information. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Metcalf Foundation
Deadline – May & October
This is the program I went through to fund my current internship/job opportunity with the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Similar to the program through Theatre Ontario, but for a much longer term. The internship is available throughout the province, but they also fund companies based in Toronto. You must be a charitable organization to apply (for the internship, the GCTC had to apply on my behalf).

Ontario Trillium Foundation
Deadline – March 1, July 1 & November 1
From what I hear, this is the mother of all grant applications. It is incredibly long and varied. Your project must also have great community impact.

Canada Council for the Arts
Deadline – varies
Like the Ontario Arts Council only with a broader, national scope.

In the meantime, you might also want to check out the great discussion happening in the comment thread of Praxis Theatre’s blog post entitled How Do You Get A Grant. I find Brendan Gall’s words pretty inspiring.

Also from Praxis Theatre (because they are awesome and I hope they will eventually add me to their blog roll if I keep pinging back to them enough times – Hey, it worked with the Ottawa Fringe Festival…), I haven’t stopped laughing at their fundamental contradiction at the core of this discussion. So I leave you with this:

Good luck!



  1. […] There are a few avenues available to you in your search for grants. I had written many of them out here, but it made for a very long blog post. Instead, I’ll be creating another post later on with a list of links. If you have any suggestions for me, please add them in the comment list. *Ed. Note – Post with grant listings can be found here.* […]

  2. Sorry Nancy, I am irresponsible, or maybe non-attention paying sometimes. Adding to the blogroll now. I agree about Brendan’s comment. It has inspired the notion that we should maybe have a juried competition for best comment of 2010 with his as the initial nominee.

  3. Mwahahaha! I brilliant plan has worked! First the Praxis Theatre Blog Roll, next The World!

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