Posted by: nancykenny | November 26, 2010


Yesterday was my last acting class of the month.  I did good work in that class.  But when the scene was over and I was asked by the instructor how it went, my ego took over.  The ego can go one of two ways: it can pump you up to irrational heights or, as in my case, it can beat you down to new lows.

The ego tries to keep us safe.  In my case, by telling me I am a shitty actor, it’s trying to make it easier on me to get a “regular job” and move back home.  You know, because if I’m not any good at this, then OF COURSE I should give it up.

So what do you do in this situation when that little voice inside your head just wants you to run away?

You do the opposite.  You do the thing that’s scarier.  In my case, stand my ground.  Never give up, never surrender.




  1. Ha! I think you’re a great actor, and I’m a genius, so there. Egos are jerks sometimes…mine sabotages me all the freaking time.

  2. Hey! Wasn’t that a Flying Spaghetti Monster in that titles sequence?! May your acting career be touched His Noodly Appendage forevermore.

    • I can only hope!

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