Posted by: nancykenny | April 3, 2011

Raindrops on Roses

I’ve been avoiding the blog, dear readers. In fact for the past week I’ve avoided many things including the gym, bathing & sunlight until some decent progress was made on my script. Well, progress has been made (Huzzah!), but not enough for my liking (Boo-urns!).

So, in the spirit of shaking off the writer’s block blues, here’s a list of things I wrote down that I happen to like in all it’s random goodness:

Argyle Vests
Songs that remind me of specific people in (and sometimes no longer in) my life
The “Your Mom’s Face” comedy routine my TO roommates and I have developed MASTERED
Cottage cheese and applesauce
That sweet spot between a guy’s neck and armpit where my head snuggles in perfectly (in some circles, I believe it’s called a “shoulder”)
That moment when the lights fade inside a theatre before the show starts
Talking “show business”
You know those guitars that are like, double guitars?
Quoting the Simpsons (circa seasons 3 to let’s say 9)
Discovering new music
That lightbulb moment when I realize I’m really good at something
Confidence that walks the thin line between cocky and arrogant
People who randomly offer to give me a lift somewhere
When it rains and it’s sunny AT THE SAME TIME
Knee Socks
Seeing my abdominal muscles
How things always fall into place

What are some of your favourite things?



  1. Grant Morrison comic books, my collection of show posters, David Lynch movies and their soundtracks, people telling me they read my blog, Buffybot, Scooby Doo, and a nice spicy bowl of Pho. Oh, and hurray for progress!

  2. Meals I don’t cook for myself, time to bake cupcakes, a piece of theatre that compels me to my feet, visiting Urban Source in Vancouver, Veronica Mars, unexpected cards & letters in the mail, back massages, and Salt & Vinegar chips.

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