Posted by: nancykenny | May 18, 2011

Special Announcement

Dear friends and colleagues, it is with mixed emotions that, after almost five and a half years, I officially announce my resignation as Director of Communications for Evolution Theatre effective June 30, 2011.

This was not an easy decision as I helped found this company all those years ago. I will, however, stay on as a member of the Board of Directors for the foreseeable future. I wish the company all the best as it moves into a new phase as a Resident Company of the Arts Court Theatre and I will continue to be an avid fan.

Much love to Chris and Linda. It’s been quite the ride.

For my part, I will be switching my focus towards many personal projects, the most pressing of which is my one-woman show, Roller Derby Saved My Soul, at this summer’s Ottawa Fringe Festival.

It's Coming



  1. I feel bad now that I came so late to the party, and missed all the older stuff you did with Evolution, because I’m guessing I would have loved the Hell out of most of it. Glad I got to do MARTYRS and RAILROAD before you moved on. I wish you the best, and ya know the Visitorium will be following your next moves with excitement (you’re kind of our fav’rit). Peace, love, and Roller Derby saved my Soul,

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