Posted by: nancykenny | May 19, 2011

Hero Worship

I am a professional. I have been working in the theatre industry for many years. I have some good skills and I know how to use them. I’d also like to think that I am a pleasant individual, a people person who’s passionate about what she does and knows how to get other people passionate too. But most of all, I have a strong professional attitude and work ethic.

And then someone comes along that just shakes all that up.

I’ve been working at the Great Canadian Theatre Company recently and they’ve got a show coming up that’s also a part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. That show? This Is What Happens Next by Daniel MacIvor.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of MacIvor’s – notice the many U’s in HUGE so you know I’m serious. The man’s writing speaks to me on a level that hits me square in the gut. I own most of his plays. I’ve had the privilege of performing in one of them and regularly use a monologue from another for all of my theatre audition purposes. I can honestly say that his work is one of the reasons I was inspired to create my own one-woman show. I was incredibly disappointed when I missed his appearance in Ottawa a few years ago as part of Transgress, an event at the Writer’s Festival.

And on Tuesday, I get to meet him.

My mind is racing. Just thinking about it I feel like I must be 12 and my I.Q. just dropped about 30 points. Will he like me? What if I spent all this time with one massive arts crush and it turns out he’s a dick? Can I “accidentally” leave a script to my Roller Derby show lying all over the theatre? DoIhaveanythinginmyteethWhycan’tIstopsweatingWHOISTHISPERSONTALKING? Dear Jeebus please don’t let anyone catch me mumbling practice conversations…

I am such a dork.



  1. Nancy, if you are the same kind of fans Tim and I are (which I think you probably are based on our pass conversations) you will stutter and not know what to say and sound like a dork and blathering idiot – basically we stuttered, did not know what to say and sounded like blathering dorks when we got to have drinks with him during Soldiers Dreams. LOL…SIGH memories. He’s so friggin’ talented!

  2. Oh man- I am right with you, so jealous. I met him like 6, 7 years ago and I was so nervous waiting for the moment to talk to him that I just babbled and babbled and complimentedhm on SBR and his great shows until I sounded like a stalker and he was incredibly nice about it all. And then when he went to hug me, his water bottle was open and it poured water down my leg and he was so apologetic and said “See? You were worried about embarrassing yourself and I’m the one who just peed on you”. I heart him 4 life. I floated home.

    • I can only hope that after Tuesday I have a story as good as “Daniel MacIvor just peed on me”

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