Posted by: nancykenny | June 2, 2011

Writing Is Hard

I’ve always thought writing was a solitary activity, which suits me just fine when it comes to putting together a short little blog post. But writing a whole play? I find that to be a daunting and often overwhelming task.

So, uh what happens next?

I have an overall vision for the show, but there are lots of points where I just keep getting stuck. Luckily, my wonderful director, Tania Levy, has helped me break down my scenes and story into different beats to get a clearer idea of how to achieve the big picture.

Now that's more like it!

As a visual learner, I found that this has helped me out a lot. Though obviously not enough to stop writing a blog post and create a new script draft instead…

Two weeks until opening.



  1. Really nice visual example of how to break through writer’s block. Figuring out the smaller parts to the overall arch, can make your journey seem less intimidating.

  2. Good luck with the show! That’s wonderful that you feel you can trust your director to help you work through the tough parts.

  3. I had to do precisely the same thing when I was slogging through the final draft of Complex Numbers. Though I didn’t have the benefit of a big, sprawling blackboard…

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