Posted by: nancykenny | June 21, 2011


Roller Derby Saved My Soul has opened and all I’ve been feeling has been immense relief and gratitude. Feedback has been very good and the reviews have been even better. Ok, so we don’t care about reviews right? Right. Except we totally do. I can’t help but also feel, after my abysmal previous experience with my own work, slightly vindicated.

Here’s a sampling:

“(Kenny) celebrates the hero in all of us, and makes us want to go out, lace up pair of skates, and like this play, kick some ass.” – Hannah Christie, Fully Fringed –

“This is a feel good funny show with serious undertones. Go see it.” – Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

Listen to it here at the 5 minute mark:

Or read it here:

“Nancy Kenny is funny and charming.” – Noreen Fagan, Capital Xtra

“…tons of laughs mixed with genuine warmth, and a transformation-to-derby sequence that must be seen to be believed… Nancy K is one of the premiere comedic actresses in town… and it sure as shit won’t be a secret much longer.” – Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

“Roller Derby Saved My Soul is the kind of light-hearted, honestly funny story you want to find at Fringe – and Kenny has it for you, geared up in elbow pads and a mouth guard.” – Holly Gordon, The Wig

“I can’t stress the fact that this show is pure gold.” – Matthew Champ, –

“This is Kenny’s strongest performance to date.” – Wayne Current, (Cult)ure Magazine

You can also check out a cool little interview I did with Ottawa Tonite here:

The buzz online and at the Beer Tent has been incredible, so you may want to buy your tickets in advance for one of the three performances I have left. Click the link to get them now!


Now I have a break until my next performance on Thursday night, but fear not! You will not only see me around the Fringe checking out as many shows as I possible can, I will also be taking part in two Playtime with HM events on Wednesday and Friday. The first is for Social Media Day and the second is called Beyond the Fringe. So far these events have been very interesting and well attended, so I look forward to seeing you there!

In addition, on Wednesday night I’ll be involved with Chats with Cat, a special guest performer during the 11 p.m. Canuck Cabaret and quite possibly seen in a super secret event later on that night.

And if that wasn’t enough, wake up early on Thursday morning to catch me on the A Channel Morning Show with a bit from my show.

Gotta love Fringe!


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