Posted by: nancykenny | August 12, 2011

More Reviews!

I know it’s just a three show run, but it’s still really nice to get reviewed. These new ones, as well as all the others (that’s three links – one for each word), will fit in nicely when I do grant and festival applications over the next year.

So yes, the show opened last night to a fairly large and supportive crowd at the Arts Court Theatre. Though I felt a little shaky since we didn’t get in a full run the night before at the tech rehearsal and had all these new bits that were incorporated into the show, I’m pretty sure only director Tania Levy and myself noticed. The reviewers sure didn’t.

Here’s what they had to say:

First up, one of the fine ladies of said some very nice things, including “For a truly outstanding display of acting, Roller Derby is a show not to be missed.” – Kate Lalumiere,

Full review can be found here:

And then my favorite theatre chud (and one of the most eminently quotable theatre reviewers in town, even though he doesn’t like being called that… theatre reviewer, not eminently quotable… though I didn’t ask… maybe he doesn’t like that either… ANYWAY) was back in his usual seat in the front row for a THIRD time no less and nicely explains some of the new additions to the show, while mentioning what still makes it all work, including such gems as: “…Nancy makes a funnier drunk every time I see this show.” Years of practice, my friend. Years of practice.

You can read more from Kevin Reid at The Visitorium here:

Only two more chances to see Roller Derby Saved My Soul in Ottawa!



  1. Hey, Reviewer is fine! it’s ‘Critic’ that chaffs me a bit, is all. As for ’eminently quotable’, well, safe to say it disturbs me at least a little bit whenever ANYone says something nice about me. Doesn’t seem right, somehow.

    Knock’em dead the next two shows, and if I manage to talk myself out of coming AGAIN on closing night (I swear I’m thinking about it), any chance I can nab you for a coffee/beverage before you vacate O-town once again?

    • Oh I missed this! I would have totally given you a ticket for a 4th viewing of the show. Saturday night felt particularly solid. I’m in TO now, so I guess it will have to wait until you’re back from Victoria.

  2. […] it, I realized that I, in fact, was the one who was full of shit.  After all, 2011 was the year of Roller Derby Saved My Soul (That was just a few months ago? It feels like ten years!) – when I finally completed my […]

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