Posted by: nancykenny | January 3, 2012

Out with the Old…

Typically, I take the time between the end of December and the beginning of January to recap the past year and look forward to the one ahead.  I wasn’t going to do that this time because I had told myself that 2011 was such a shitty year so why bother?  But when I actually started thinking about it, I realized that I, in fact, was the one who was full of shit.  After all, 2011 was the year of Roller Derby Saved My Soul (That was just a few months ago? It feels like ten years!) – when I finally completed my successful one-woman show to great critical and audience acclaim; the year of Little Martyrs – a show that was named by one illustrious blogger as his favorite of the year; the year of translating my first play into French; of being cast in 6 student films in two and a half months; of working at the Great Canadian Theatre Company; of lots of acting classes; of being home for a family reunion in June; oh and 2011 was also the year of my own Grand Dérangement to that Big Smoke south of Ottawa… waaaaaaaay south.  And that one came with a spunky Nfld roommate who could give Elaine Benes a run for her money with her kitchen dance moves.

And yes, there was heartbreak and heartache and douchebags a plenty, but 2011 was not a shitty year by any stretch of the imagination, just a challenging one.  A great Christmas card I got reminded me that you have to pull out the old weeds to make room for new growth, so here’s to 2012 – do you have your gardening hat on?



  1. Illustrious…okay, I’ll take that. Ta very much! Not that Little Martyrs didn’t earn the top spot…I still get good chills reminiscing about that show.
    I thought you did AMAZING last year, and I look forward to seeing you top it. I’ll try right along with ya.

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